“ I have applied several times on the career website and haven't gotten a response back ”

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I applied for Workday consultant positions in Accenture Paris but haven't gotten any response back, could you please advise me on the next steps to take? Thank you.
Responsable Recrutement, Accenture

Ghita tells me you have already joined our chat! welcome back :)

Responsable Recrutement, Accenture

Usually we always send a reply to any application received : unfortunately sometimes it is difficult to manage all the applications we receive!

Responsable Recrutement, Accenture

Could you please give me your full name and I will check with my collegues

Responsable Recrutement, Accenture

In any case we apologies...

Kamel E.

Is Accenture tolerant towards the hijab or is it not possible to get a job at Accenture when we're a hijabi woman ?

Chargée De Communication Digitale, Accenture

Hello Syrine,

We truly apologize for this negative experience.
Please do not hesitate to give me your full name and we will look further as to why you never received an answer.
@Kamel, at Accenture, we truly encourage respect and authenticity at work, so I can confirm to you that hijabi women are welcome in our company :)
We aim to develop an inclusive and positive work environment. We build teams of different personalities and backgrounds and make concrete commitments through several programs to encourage diversity in the workplace.
I hope this answers your question.

Best Regards,


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