“ What skills or certificates are required for change management? ”

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Hello Geraldine,

After my expereience with Amadeus, my interest in IT industry has increased and Accenture is one of the companies that interest me. As a young graduate looking for junior positions, I am contacting you to get some advices from you.
While I was looking on the website for the junior poistions, the change management consultance grabbed my attention as it is my dream job to work inside a company and do some change, add value to it, and make it grow. Hence, I would like to know what skills or certificates are required?
The link for the job I saw is: https://www.accenture.com/fr-fr/careers/jobdetails?id=00398455_fr-FR&title=CDI+Consultant+formateur+%2f+conduite+du+changement+(H%2fF)

About me:
Msc bac+5 from SKema Business School - International Marketing and Business Development
Expereience: Internal Communication and Change Management in Amadeus and Total for an internship of 6 months each.
Certificate: CAPM, obtaining it on the 24th of October.

Thank you in davance, hope to hear from you soon.
Manager Accenture Consulting - Digital Technology Integration, Accenture Consulting


There is no certification needed. Your skills are linked to your curriculum. You can easily apply the methodology STAR for you interviews to give the right information in order to confirm your ability to achieve this type of challenges.
During an interview it is important to share also "why" you want to work on this topic.



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